Fiscal Representation 
If your business requires special licenses like the “article 23 VAT license” for deferral of import VAT or the “VAT warehouse” or “Entrepot license”, we can act as your company’s general fiscal representative and fulfill all VAT obligations involved. Main advantage of applying for general fiscal representation is to avoid payments of import VAT. As a result there is no pre-financing of import VAT. We can provide this specific service in both The Netherlands and throughout Europe by using our strong network.

Direct VAT Registration 
As your VAT agent we take care of obtaining your Dutch VAT number, preparing and submitting the VAT and Intrastat returns and of course  of all correspondence with the local tax authorities.

VAT Registration In All EU Countries
 Shipping and/or trading goods within or through The Netherlands will lead to VAT related issues. The first question that has to be answered is whether your company’s transactions have to be reported to the Dutch tax authorities. We can guide your company from the moment of export from outside the Netherlands until the moment of report of the transactions. We can act as your company or as your single contact within the European Union for all VAT related issues. If your business leads to VAT related issues within one specific or several EU member states, we are able to help you to be VAT compliant and in control. Therefore we can guide your company so that you can focus on your core business. As a result, we often act as a single contact within the European Union for all VAT related issues.


Indirect Tax Consultancy 
We use our “Big Four” experience in a very practical approach to assist our clients on VAT and Customs matters. We create VAT manuals and can combine memorandums with training sessions. As we always keep in our mind that advice is necessary, but implementation is key.

VAT Interim 
We can audit, restructure or manage your company’s VAT (reporting) processes and policies. It may contain various VAT matters like co-ordinating the preparation and filing of VAT and Intrastat returns, advicing, educating and assisting your company, coordinating VAT audits and liaising with tax authorities.

VAT Automation 
We combine VAT specialism with an IT focus to understand your system capabilities and challenges. If your ERP system’s VAT capabilities are not used (properly), we can assist you with implementing the VAT rules.


Dual Use License and EOR Compliance
 The import and export of strategic goods requires a special dual use license. We can assist your company with obtaining and maintaining this specific license properly.

In our careers we always combined our specific indirect tax knowledge and experience with an entrepreneurial approach. This implies that we focus on VAT but with a broad business perspective. Therefore we integrated business development into our services, as we like to create long term value for a customer’s organization from customers, markets, and relationships.