Vincent van Dijk

Started my carrier in indirect tax in 1999. I have been working from the start with non-Dutch established companies from Australia to the West coast of the USA and with different cultures. The ability to adapt to different type of customers from start-ups to listed companies, from the assistant accountant to the CEO is one of my biggest strengths. Working as an in-house VAT specialist I was also able understand companies’ challenges with ERP systems and administrative processes. Their systems and processes  have the challenge to adapt to the changes from for example changing supply chains, business models and/or changes in indirect tax legislation. Based on a wealth of practical experience and an international network I have been able to find the fit solution for my customers. Each day, my drive is too built a stronger business and personal relationship with my customers and business partners.

Joeri Stoffels

As of 1998 I worked many years for consulting firms Arthur Andersen and BDO CampsObers. In 2006 I co-founded my own Indirect Tax company in consulting and VAT compliance and implemented my business idea (s). After building up this company to maturity within seven years, I made a next career step to enter new challenges in business and in developing new skills. I really enjoy meeting new people, discover unknown markets, great ideas and nice products. As of 2017 I joined the team of VAT and More to work on a personal level with customers and to share my expertise on VAT and Customs and business development. I work with our clients to find practical business solutions.